Miami Weddings

The epitome of paradise, Miami, Florida boasts sprawling white sand beaches, spectacular sunrises, and a tropical climate that provides scintillating year round warmth. A Mecca for sunbathing, celebration and romance, this eclectic city is a popular wedding location for both locals and those seeking an exotic destination wedding venue. Each year over 100,000 couples flock to sun kissed Miami for a memorable celebration of love and unity among the rolling waves, urban downtown and expansive resorts. In an area rich with diversity, culture and a dynamic history, Miami can provide a wedding venue as unique and distinctive as the couple's tastes.

With built-in natural decor, any one of Miami's brilliant beaches can provide the perfect backdrop for a sultry and lush wedding ceremony. After the vows, the numerous hotels that line the sprawling beaches offer reception venues to fit all budgets. The Palm's Hotel and Spa offers a variety of outdoor and indoor venues, as well as multiple locations for cocktails and receptions. Weather permitting, Miami's sandy beaches are perfect for a tropical outdoor dinner or luau.

The Port of Miami has been called the "cruise capital of the world" and for good reason. Miami is the number one passenger cruise port in the world, and has a reputation for being the leader in passenger traffic and cruise ships. With these impressive distinctions, it should come as no surprise that Miami is also a popular choice for couples who wish to be married at sea. Any number of cruise packages, from short term to long term can be booked out of the port of Miami. Charter boat and yacht rentals are a cost efficient choice for smaller, single day events.

As a prominent city for outdoor living, it isn't just Miami's bright beaches that appeal to couples searching for an outdoor wedding venue. Miami also possess picturesque parks and gardens, set amongst the flowering bushes and tropical fruit trees. Many of these stunning and unique locations are home to rare and exotic plants, more than 100 species of birds, including vibrant pink flamingos, and a variety of other native animals. Many of Miami's parks and gardens also provide amenities such as museums, cafes, picnic areas, and even a gift shop or two.

As a city that is both culturally and historically rich, Miami has numerous estates, mansions and manors that are well equipped to host weddings of all sizes. Many of these historic residences sit on multiple acres of well manicured land, and can be utilized for both outdoor and indoor ceremonies. For example, The Cooper Estate in South Miami, is whimsical and historic property with a limestone manor that is located on more than three acres of gardens, with complimentary parking and in house catering.

As with any other prevailing wedding destination, churches are a popular location for traditional couples to share their vows, and Miami's iconic Spanish style architecture has created breathtaking churches over the years. One example of a unique church setting is The Ancient Spanish Monastery, located in North Miami Beach. The Monastery provides couples with various options for their special day, including three chapels and five outdoor wedding locations.

An urban jungle in its own right, and the fourth largest in the United States, tourists also flock to Miami for its nightlife, art and music. Couples seeking an exciting wedding venue can look no further than Downtown Miami's numerous hotels. Tempo Miami - a Rock Resort, located in Miami's cultural district, is a modern behemoth of glass with an infinity swimming pool that overlooks the city of Miami. Providing options for the ceremony, reception, and the rehearsal dinner, the Vicroy Hotel's experienced event planning staff will help create a glamorous and dramatic affair infused with luxury and sophistication.

Miami also provides a variety of unique, off-beat wedding locations that will make a couple's day as one of a kind as they are. Miami University helps host a wedding with ease and elegance. The University provides wedding planners and catering, two chapel options, as well as a conference center, banquet rooms, and even has their own hotel. Established in 1955, the Miami Seaquarium is a popular wedding location for those with a love of marine life. The venue offers catering and underwater dolphin viewings, while an impressive waterfront garden provides an unforgettable backdrop for the exchanging of vows.

As of January of 1999, couples wishing to marry in Miami must read a book describing issues such as division of assets and child support before the ceremony. Couples will also receive their marriage license at a discounted cost if they attend a four hour pre-marriage course to strengthen their relationship.

Vibrant and energetic, peaceful and romantic; Miami Weddings are both party and class. Couples will have the best amenities, vendors, and entertainment for the perfect seaside affair.