Miami Trips

A happening hotspot and relaxation destination, home to Little Havana, The Marlins, and the beach, it is no wonder that approximately 8500 people flock to the sun kissed city of Miami every day to take in the sports, ships, and glorious sunshine.

Renowned for its rich history, bustling passenger cruise port and nearly flawless weather, trips to Miami are never short on activities for all, despite age, gender or relationship status. Miami was ranked as the richest city in the United States, as of a 2009 UBS AG study of 73 world cities, so getting to and around the aptly nicknamed, "Capital of Latin America" for a Miami trip should present no problems.

Travelling by Air

Miami's airport, the Miami International Airport, is the primary airport for all of Southern Florida and is number one in the country for transit between the United States and Latin America. A main hub for long term and connecting flights, Miami International Airport, sometimes referred to as the historical Wilcox Field, is the tenth busiest airport in the United States. A handy mobile site is available for travelers to track arrivals, departures, and flights. The site provides information for the airport, and the airlines and includes parking information, directions and recommendations for ground transportation once a flight has touched down. Making the journey to Miami even easier, the computer based website even provides live traffic and road construction updates for travelers or those picking people up.

Car Rental in Miami

Before leaving the airport, visitors to Miami can rent a car from one of sixteen different car rental companies located at the MIA rental car service or book ahead online for an even greater choice. Alternatively, numerous shuttles are available from the airport to area hotels. Taxi's and Super Shuttle are accessible from the ground level of the airport, and either service can provide transport to residential areas or hotels. You can also find numbers for taxis here.

Public Transport in Miami

With the eighth ranked public transportation in America, as of a 2012 study by, getting around this city of eternal summer is easier than ever. Metrobus and Metrorail provide airport connections to and from Miami International Airport, which are located in the Miami Central Station. Since the 2012 launch of Airport Station and the the Orange Line, Metrorail has become the single most affordable option for airport transit. The city of Miami has provided an extremely user friendly public transportation website at, which includes links to information about Metrobus, Metrorail and Metromover. Users can check route schedules, parking availability, fare and transfer information, as well as find options for reduced fares, and Special Transportation Services. The site also provides options for Spanish speaking users and information for handicap accessibility.

Car Sharing in Miami

The popular San Fransisco based ride sharing car service and mobile app, Lyft has come to Miami. "Your friend with a car," Lyft is a safe, affordable, and easy alternative to the more traditional taxi cab options in big cities. Users can download the free application for iPhone or Android devices, request a ride and be on the road in mere minutes. Prices are generally far cheaper than a taxi, and the drivers are usually young, relaxed, outgoing, and extremely friendly. As both riders an drivers are rated with Lyft's unique star rating system, users can be certain to have a safe and enjoyable transportation experience.

Walking in Miami

One of the cleanest cities in North America, Miami is also ranked fifth on Walkscore's list of the most walkable large cities in the US. Clean air and sunshine makes walking an attractive option to those wishing to explore the sprawling urban jungle paradise. Vacationers can find popular Miami walking routes on or plan their own walking tour through glamorous Art Deco architecture, sunny South Beach or vibrant Little Havana.

Weather flying, driving or using public transportation while visiting, Miami is a hassle free vacation destination. After such an easy arrival, the only decision left to make on a Miami trip is what to see first.