Miami Vacations

Miami, like any other big city, is separate into segments and each segment has its special appeal to people looking to plan a great vacation. Let's take a look at the different areas of Miami and some of the best places to stay. At the end, we will discuss some tips for getting the most out your Miami vacation.

South Beach

South Beach and Miami Beach are the two primary vacation destinations for people when they visit the Miami area. The good thing about South Beach is that it is located away from downtown, which allows you to enjoy the beach without all of the hassles of the big city. South Beach is a very busy place and definitely does not need help from the downtown area to be crowded.

When you are booking your hotel or resort for the South Beach area, try to get a facility on Seafront Ocean Drive or Collins Avenue. Both of these streets put you very close to the South Beach Strip and the world famous, six-mile long South Beach Boardwalk. Miami Beach begins just past 21st Street and it has a much more contemporary look than South Beach.

Little Havana

Downtown Miami and Little Havana are across the bay from South Beach and have a very different feel than South Beach. When you are booking a hotel for downtown or Little Havana, you will want to be close to the financial district near Brickell Avenue. This is where all of the shops and restaurants are located that Downtown Miami and Little Havana are known for.

If you want the real Cuban feel of downtown and Little Havana, then put yourself in a resort on Cuban Memorial Boulevard. This is where you will find the cigar shops and the food stores that have all of the native Cuban goods you will need.

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is a suburb of Miami that used to be known for its bohemian lifestyle. Today, Coconut Grove is more known for its artistic look and contemporary architecture. The area has also blossomed with theaters, restaurants, and night clubs that attract people from all over the world.

Coral Gables is a neighboring suburb that has also seen some changes over the years. If you decide to vacation in Coconut Grove or Coral Gables, then put yourself as close as possible to the world famous Venetian Pool. The Pool was built in the 1920's and remains a popular spot for visitors.

Key Biscayne

If you want something more family-friendly in the Miami area, then consider staying at a Key Biscayne resort or hotel. Key Biscayne is an island that is connected to Miami by a bridge that spans the Rickenbacker Causeway and just the drive to the islands is worth the stay.

One of the primary attractions at Key Biscayne is the Miami Seaquarium. There is no other place quite like the Seaquarium and its unique collection of sea life. It is a 38-acre facility that welcomes families from all over the world to see aquatic life in its natural habitat.

South Miami

Anyone who has done research on vacationing in Miami has heard of the Miami MetroZoo and its 1,200 animals. In South Miami, there is the University of Miami and the MetroZoo. What makes the MetroZoo so unique is that much of it is cageless and allows for interaction between visitors and the animals. The Monkey Jungle is always a hit with the kids, and the giraffe feeding house is popular with the entire family.

South Miami is known for being inviting to young couples and young families. The nightlife in the area centers around the University of Miami campus, but it is open to visitors and anyone else who wants to experience when South Miami has to offer.

Tips for Visiting Miami

The most important thing to remember about planning for your Miami vacation is to make your reservations well in advance of your trip. Check your calendar and see when events like Spring Break take place because South Miami and South Beach get packed with college kids around that time.

Coral Gables and Coconut Grove are great for the family, and Key Biscayne has several attractions to keep everyone happy. A romantic couple looking for a getaway will want to consider South Beach or Miami Beach during the off-season. There are a lot of resorts and hotels to choose from in Miami, so it is difficult to make the wrong choice. The best things you can do is to make sure you plan well enough ahead that you get the reservations you want and you plan for the massive crowds that frequent Miami and its white, sandy beaches.